Using Copiers to Scan to Email

The Library’s copiers can be used to scan a document and email it in PDF format. Please note that the scans are moderate-quality black and white scans only, suitable for most text, but not for images. If you require a higher quality scan, please use the scanners available in the computer labs in Lehman or the College of Business.

1. Press the Fax/Email button (on the left side of the copier).

2. Place your item on the copier as if you were going to copy it.

  • If you are copying a small item, either put a piece of white paper over it or press the Letter button (under the “Original Size” column).
  • The copier can be used with the lid either open or closed.

3. Press Keyboard (on the small screen).

4. Enter your username (example: smith1234) and choose or from the domain list.

  • If your username includes numbers, select “numeric symbols” to enter the numbers.
  • You may only send scans to email addresses.
  • If you need to send this PDF to someone besides yourself, it is a good idea to send it to yourself first and then forward it to that person so that you can change the subject line or include a descriptive message. 

5. Press OK (on the small screen).

6. Press the large green Start button on the copier.

  • The copier will ask whether or not you have further pages to scan – select “Yes” or “No.” If you select “Yes” to scan multiple pages at once, they will be combined into one PDF file.

7. The copier will beep when it is done sending the email.

8. When you are finished, press the Copy button (on the left side of the copier) to reset the machine for the next user.

9. You will receive an email with a PDF attachment.

Download or print Using the Copiers to Scan to Email.