Using Copiers to Scan to Email

The Library’s copiers can be used to scan a document and email it in PDF format.

1. Click on Scan button on the screen.

2. On the “Scan To” screen, click on Email.

3. Click on Keyboard and type in email address.

4. Place document on glass panel. Make sure the top of the page is situated on the left side of the glass panel (near the arrow at the top left corner).

5. Click on Send button. NOTE: You will have the option to scan multiple pages. Touching the Send button does not send the single page.

6. The screen will ask if there is another page:

  • If Yes, click on Yes, put in the new page to scan, and then click on Start Scanning.
  • If No, click on No, and an email with the PDF file will be sent to the email address entered.

7. When finished, press Reset (not on the screen, on the side panel) in order to clear out email address.


Please scan no more than 8 pages at a time to ensure file size can be sent.