Course Description

The Hunt Library's Library Basic Training is designed to provide students with a library instruction opportunity similar to classroom instruction. It introduces the services available, teaches how to use EagleSearch, and demonstrates how to access our academic databases.

Course Format

The course is offered via Canvas. The estimated amount of time to complete it is under 30 minutes.  

Finding Your Certificate

When completing the course, students are prompted to save their certificate of completion. The good news is that it is not time-consuming to retake the course should you misplace your certificate.

Want More?

Evaluating Sources will help you identify credible and reliable sources. 

Instructions for Faculty

The Library Basic Training course was designed to impart the same information as found in face-to-face library instruction. After completing the training, students receive a certificate of completion. If you choose to make this required training for your students, students who have completed the course should be able to supply you with an electronic copy of their certificate of completion.

On August 7, 2023, the old Library Basic Training course was replaced with a new and improved version. This change is being implemented to provide students with an enhanced learning experience and to align with the latest educational standards and requirements. Please note that this replacement affects all students, including those who have already completed the existing course. All students who took the old version prior to August 7 and did not save their certificates will be required to complete the new course, which provides them with an opportunity to learn and grow.    

Questions and Comments

 After completing the new Canvas version, you can submit feedback with our feedback form.