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The Terminal Area Forecast

The Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) is the official FAA forecast of aviation activity for U.S. airports. It contains active airports in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) including FAA-towered airports, Federal contract-towered airports, non-federal towered airports, and non-towered airports. Forecasts are prepared for major users of the National Airspace System including air carrier, air taxi/commuter, general aviation, and military. The forecasts are prepared to meet the budget and planning needs of the FAA and provide information for use by state and local authorities, the aviation industry, and the public.

The TAF model and TAF database can be accessed on the FAA website. The TAF model allows users to create their own forecast scenarios. It contains a query data application that allows the public to access and print historical (1990 to 2015) and forecast (2016 to 2045) aviation activity data by individual airport, state, or FAA region.

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