The Reserve Collection contains textbooks and other required reading materials to support specific courses for the duration of one semester. Most items are placed on reserve by faculty request, but library staff may also recommend that items in high demand or in support of student success initiatives be placed on Reserve. Items may be print or electronic.

Print Reserves

The print Reserve collection, located at the Borrow Desk on the third floor, consists primarily of textbooks. Most of the items on reserve are faculty members’ personal copies that they have loaned to the library, and some items are pulled from the library collection at faculty request.

  • Faculty may initiate a request to place items on Reserve by filling out the Library Reserves Request Form.
  • When placing a personal copy on Reserve, faculty may deliver it to the Borrow Desk along with a printout of the Request form. (Please note that personal items will be labeled, barcoded, and sensitized to meet library requirements.)
  • The library will return personal copies at the end of each semester or when the faculty member indicates the item is no longer needed.
  • For items the library owns, faculty members must fill out and submit the online form. The title, author, edition, and the call number should be entered in the "Additional information" box. Including all the necessary information on the form ensures that library staff can easily and quickly find the needed title and will expedite the processing time.
  • In most cases, items will be placed on Reserve within one week of receipt of a request.
  • When a library staff member recommends a textbook or reading be placed on Reserve, the library will inform the faculty teaching all sections of the course that the textbook or reading is on Reserve.

Electronic Reserves

Many faculty members use Canvas to post Fair Use copies of articles, selections from books, or other electronic content protected by copyright.

If Canvas is not an option, faculty may place this type of electronic content on Electronic Reserve, providing the requester has obtained copyright permission.

  • Electronic information resources that are not part of the Hunt Library collection or openly accessible may be placed on Electronic Reserve with proof of copyright permission.
  • To place items on Electronic Reserve, complete the Library Reserves Request form and submit it along with the item and proof of copyright permission.

Updated 11/19/2020.

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