Public Access Computer Use Policy

All of the library's computers are equipped with network logins allowing Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students, faculty and staff access to University online resources.

Hunt Library adheres to the Information Technology Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources Policy, APPM 7.5. The policy is also part of the Embry-Riddle Student Honor Code found in the Student Handbook. The following is a summary of points especially relevant to Hunt Library public computer and wireless use.

  • Library computers are for use by ERAU students, faculty, or staff only.
  • The University's computing resources are primarily for academic-related activities.
  • The computers should not be used for activities that are considered harassing, obscene or threatening by the recipient or another viewer.
  • Abide by copyright laws when using University computing. The unauthorized publishing or use of copyrighted material is prohibited and users are personally liable for the consequences of unauthorized use.
  • Do not conduct activities that interfere or disable computer software or security measures and restrictions imposed on computing resources.
  • Do not use University computing resources for commercial purposes or personal gain.
  • Do not consume excessive technology resources (network bandwidth, computing capacity, disk space, etc.) in a way that will interfere with access by other members of the institution.
  • Use of these computers does not guarantee privacy or confidentiality of any information on or communication sent through the Internet.

In addition to the University's computing policy, the Hunt Library has the following guidelines:

  • Pending availability, ERAU alumni (with an ERAU Alumni card), Sodexo and Starbucks employees, or visiting professors or dignitaries with authorization from a College Dean, may be logged on to a public computer for one hour per day by a Research Librarian or an Access Services staff member.
  • Members of the general public, including students from other academic institutions, do not have access to any ERAU computers.
  • Patrons engaging in non-academic related activities may be asked to relinquish their computer to a student wishing to conduct research or access ERNIE.
  • Please help conserve natural resources by printing only what you need. The Print Preview option will help you ensure that you print only the pages you require.
  • Problems with the computer systems, including the printers, should be reported to the IT lab monitor on duty or the Research or Access Services staff so that the problem can be corrected.
  • Paper should be loaded into the printers by IT lab monitor on duty or Access Services or Research staff only.

Updated 10/15/2018.