The primary purpose of SU 428 is to support the information literacy instruction mission of the Hunt Library, and the faculty training mission of CTLE.


Room 428 is primarily designated as a classroom for information literacy instruction and related activities for the Hunt Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE). Information literacy instruction takes precedence over all other requests.

SU 428 is listed in SchedulER and may be booked for workshops, other training, and meetings. It is not available as a study space for student groups, though it can be reserved for student organizations’ meetings. Hunt Library and CTLE staff reserve the right to schedule a faculty-requested library instruction session, or CTLE workshop, up to two weeks in advance. Anyone who books the room for another purpose must acknowledge that their reservation could be preempted up to two weeks prior, in the case of a Hunt Library or CTLE request.


Adopted by the Hunt Library Management Team, February 25, 2020
and awaiting University administration approval.