A valid Embry-Riddle EAGLEcard is required to check out media materials.

Students, staff, and faculty may check out digital still cameras and digital video cameras for a three-day period.

Faculty and Staff

Embry-Riddle faculty or a staff member who is teaching classes may check out videos or DVDs for three (3) days in order to preview them for classroom use.

Faculty and staff may request equipment or videos/DVDs be delivered to their classroom or office by contacting the Access Services Department with a booking request at least 24 hours in advance.

With advanced notice, staff and faculty may send a student to pick up equipment or videos/DVDs from the BORROW Desk in the library. Staff or faculty should call the Access Services Department with the name of the authorized student they plan to send. The student must be currently enrolled and be in possession of a valid EAGLEcard. If equipment or videos/DVDs signed for by a student are lost or damaged, the department requesting the items are responsible for the payment or replacement of the items.


Students may check out videos or DVDs to view in the library for two hours, but may not remove them from the library.

Students who need equipment or videos/DVDs for presentation use during class must make arrangements through their professor or staff advisor at least 24 hours in advance.

Confidentiality of Patron Library Records

The Hunt Library bases our Confidentiality Policy on Florida Statute (s 257.261.F.S.0) as it pertains to patron confidentiality and privacy of patron records. Please see the library's Confidentiality Policy for more information.


Copyright laws prohibit the recording or copying of library-owned videos or DVDs.

Library equipment may not be used to make copies of personally-owned videos, DVDs, or any other digital format.

Updated 12/11/2020.