Laptop Check-out for Faculty and Staff

IT has provided the Hunt Library with laptop computers to circulate to current ERAU staff and faculty, including staff and faculty working at the Worldwide Headquarters in Daytona Beach. Laptop computers may be checked out from the library's BORROW Desk.

Laptop Accessories

All laptops will come with some or all of the following:

  • a carrying case
  • power adapter
  • power cord
  • optical mouse
  • Ethernet cable

Check-out and Loan Period

A laptop may be checked out from the BORROW Desk with a valid EAGLEcard for one two-week period and may be renewed up to three times. After the initial two-week checkout period the laptop may be recalled for another patron. Staff or faculty needing a laptop computer must bring their EAGLEcard and pick up the laptop in person in order to sign the necessary paperwork. Staff and faculty who need laptops on a long-term basis (more than eight weeks in one semester) should consult with their department to consider purchase.

No more than two laptops may be checked out by an individual patron at one time. The second laptop is subject to a recall by another patron even if the two-week checkout period has not been reached. If two laptops are checked out, they may both be renewed one time pending approval by an Access Services staff member.

  • IT must be contacted if more than two laptops are needed for any reason. The Help Desk phone number is 226-6990.

Each laptop is re-imaged upon return. All files should be backed up before returning the laptop. The library is not responsible for any lost information.

Overdue Laptops

An overdue notice will be sent to the patron two days after a laptop is overdue.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Laptops

If a laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged, the patron is responsible for replacement or repair cost. The patron will be contacted by IT for billing. A laptop is considered lost when it has been overdue for seven days.


Laptops may be checked out during regular Library hours.