IT has provided the Hunt Library with five Dell laptop computers, two MacBook Pros, and one iPad (hereafter referred to generically as laptops unless providing information about a specific type) to circulate to current ERAU staff and faculty, including staff and faculty working at the Worldwide Headquarters in Daytona Beach. Laptop computers may be checked out from the library's BORROW Desk.

Laptop Accessories

Dell Laptops

All Dell laptops will come with some or all of the following:

  • a carrying case
  • power adapter
  • power cord
  • optical mouse
  • Ethernet cable

MacBook Pros (13")

MacBook Pros are set up with a generic login. Users may not log in with their Apple credentials or add apps. If you need access to your own account, please work with your department and IT to purchase a MacBook Pro for your personal use.

All MacBook Pros will come with the following:

  • a carrying case
  • power adapter
  • power cord


The iPad will come with the following:

  • a carrying case/sleeve
  • stylus
  • power cord and adapter

Check-out and Loan Period

A laptop may be checked out from the BORROW Desk on the third floor of the library with a valid EAGLEcard for one two-week period.

To check out a laptop, staff or faculty must bring their EAGLEcard and pick up the laptop in person in the library.

When demand is high, such as at the beginning of a semester, or due to special circumstances, only one laptop of any type may be checked out by an individual patron at one time. No renewals will be granted during periods when demand is high so that as many patrons may use the service as possible.

Each Dell laptop is re-imaged upon return. All files should be backed up before returning the laptop. The library is not responsible for any lost information.

If you need more than one laptop, please contact IT with your request.

If you need a laptop for more than two-weeks and the library cannot accommodate a two-week renewal, please consult with your department head or college dean about your needs and options to purchase.

Returning MacBook Pros and the iPad

MacBook Pros and the iPad must be returned to the library by the staff or faculty member to whom it is checked out so library staff can ensure the laptops are cleared of personal information and are ready for check out by another patron.

To expedite this process:

  • Each MacBook Pro should be cleared of files by the user and each iPad must be completely cleared of user accounts and files before returning it to the library.
  • Library staff will ask the returning user to demonstrate that the MacBook Pro or the iPad is clear of files before the item is checked in and removed from the borrower's account.

Overdue Laptops

An overdue notice will be sent to the patron two days after a laptop is overdue.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Laptops

If a laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged, the patron is responsible for replacement or repair cost. The patron will be contacted by IT for billing. A laptop is considered lost when it has been overdue for seven days.


Laptops may be checked out during regular Library hours.