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  • NTSB/ASR-21-02 - Require Fuel Minimums for Class C Rotorcraft External Load Operations
  • NTSB/ASR-21-01 - Revise Processes, Procedures, and Reporting Capabilities for Automated Weather Systems
  • NTSB/ASR-20-06 - Safety Recommendation Report: Provide Inspectors with Automatic Notification of Flight Instructors with Substandard Student Pass Rates
  • NTSB/ASR-20-05 - Safety Recommendation Report: F&M Enterprises and Stratus Oil Filter Adapter Assembly Oil Leaks
  • NTSB/ASR-20-04 - Safety Recommendation Report: Install Flight Data, Audio, and Image Recorder Systems on all Turbine-Powered Helicopters
  • NTSB/ASR-20-02 - Safety Recommendation Report: Revise Processes to Implement Safety Enhancements for Alaska Aviation Operations
  • NTSB/ASR-20-01 - Reported Flight Control System Difficulty on Embraer EMB-175
  • NTSB/ASR-19-01 - Safety Recommendation Report: Assumptions Used in the Safety Assessment Process and the Effects of Multiple Alerts and Indications on Pilot Performance
  • NTSB/ASR-18-04 - Safety Recommendation Report: Extended Duration Cockpit Voice Recorders
  • NTSB/ASR-18-03 - Guidance on the Issuance of Turbulence Products and Training for Low-Level Turbulence Identification and Forecasting for National Weather Service Forecasters
  • NTSB/ASR-18-02 - Additional Harness Systems that Allow for Rapid Egress
  • NTSB/ASR-18-01 - Use of Recording Devices During Experimental Flight Test Activities
  • NTSB/ASR-17-04 - Spool Bearing Failures in Rolls-Royce 250-Series Engines
  • NTSB/ASR-17-03 - Safety Recommendation Report: Preventing Catastrophic Failure of Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 Engines Following Birdstrike or Foreign Object Ingestion
  • NTSB/ASR-17-02 - Safety Recommendation Report: Uncommanded Nosewheel Steering Anomalies During Landing in Embraer EMB-145 Regional Jets
  • NTSB/ASR-17-01 - Safety Recommendation Report: Unsafe Wiring Conditions in Piper Model PA-31T-Series Airplane Floor-Mounted Circuit Breaker Panels
  • NTSB/ASR-16-07 - Safety Recommendation Report: Preventing Incorrect Installation of the Beta Arm in Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A Engines
  • NTSB/ASR-16-06 - Educating Controllers on Two Midair Collisions
  • NTSB/ASR-16-04 - Safety Recommendation Report: Emergency Training for Air Traffic Controllers
  • NTSB/ASR-16-03 - Safety Recommendation Report: Improving Pilot and Aviation Medical Examiner Knowledge of Cataract Hazards
  • NTSB/ASR-16-02 - Safety Recommendation Report: Crash-Resistant Fuel Systems on Airbus Helicopters
  • NTSB/ASR-16-01 - Safety Recommendation Report: Preventing Windshield Arcing, Smoke, and Fire on Bombardier DHC-8 Airplanes
  • NTSB/ASR-86-01 - Review of Alcohol as a Cause Factor, Calendar Year 1983
  • NTSB/ASR-86-02 - Review of Alcohol as a Cause Factor, Calendar Year 1984