Stay Connected: Hunt Library Update

Hunt Library Update #6 — May 14, 2020

This update focuses on faculty guides to assist with both your research and with research paper assignment design/revision.

Research Paper Alternatives

Studies show that research papers are both intimidating and difficult. There are additional ways for students to showcase their literature review progress and ability to analyze/incorporate source material. For more details, see our Faculty Toolkit for Research Paper Alternatives.

Research Data Management

Hunt Library’s new Research Data Management guide is designed to assist researchers with data heavy projects. In it you will find effective strategies to manage your research data more efficiently and easily. Learn more about what data is and is not, which tools and strategies can facilitate data collaboration with research colleagues, and how best to archive and share results in accordance with funder requirements.

Want to learn more about research data management? In Fall 2020, we will present the first in a short series of online workshops: “Quick Research Data Management: 5 Things You Can Start Today to Manage Your Data More Effectively”. Indicate your interest by sending an email to: Brittany Rhea Deputy,

Copyright Questions

Understanding copyright can be challenging and the library regularly answers questions on Fair Use and other aspects of this law. We've developed a guide, Understanding Copyright, so that faculty have detailed copyright information at point of need. Please continue to contact us at with copyright questions or concerns.