Stay Connected: Hunt Library Update

Hunt Library Update #1 — March 23, 2020

This is the first in a series of updates the Hunt Library will be sharing with our colleagues as we discover or develop new ways to help faculty teach and students learn online.

Online textbooks!

The Library has been hearing from faculty who are helping their students get access to textbooks.  Here are some ways we have discovered to assist you and your students:

Some publishers have begun to offer access to electronic books for the next few months. Search for several textbooks that have been made open access for ".edu" accounts. Search by ISBN (without dashes) or, if you do not know the ISBN, by title.

Additionally, Ebook Central has increased many, but not all of our subscribed ebooks to "unlimited use" status. Here is a the direct link for navigating Ebook Central. Important: If you link to ebooks from Ebook Central, use the URL in your browser’s address bar, or if you use the permalink option, be sure to add our proxy address by using our proxy link creator. Your students won’t be able to gain access without our proxy address included.

Various publishers are joining each of these bandwagons, so a book that’s not there today may show up tomorrow!

The library is also interested in purchasing what we can or arranging for other access.  Let us know if your students need a specific title.