Material Donations

As collections at the Hunt Library evolve to meet the needs of our academic and research community, our criteria for accepting print donations also evolves. The Library is no longer accepting most donations of books and other material, including personal or departmental libraries. The library might consider items for inclusion in the collection if they:

  • Are in excellent physical condition (i.e., book covers intact, quality paper stock, and absence of mold, mildew and dirt)
  • Have been published within the last five years, or have historical value
  • Support scholarship in at least one area relating to ERAU academic programs
  • Have potential for receiving high use.

Materials that fall outside of our collection policy include textbooks, popular fiction, software manuals, journal or magazine issues, and media such as DVDs, CDs, or tapes. If you feel your potential donation would fit the library’s collection, please contact Hayley Bommarito at If accepted, you will be asked to complete the Hunt Library and University Archives Material Donations form.

Other options for sharing your materials include public libraries, used bookstores, or charitable organizations such as Better World Books or Books for Africa. Paperback and hardcover books (with hard covers removed) can also be recycled.

Monetary Donations

Financial donations can be made via the University Philanthropy website: Giving to Embry-Riddle.

University Archives

The University Archives is open to donations of photos, artifacts, or memorabilia from alumni, current students, faculty or staff that document their time at Embry-Riddle. ERAU colleges, departments, clubs and teams are also encouraged to transfer materials that are of institutional value, historical relevance, in good condition and within the scope of our collections.

Contact the Archives Librarian or the Hunt Library Director to discuss potential contributions, schedule delivery of materials, or if you have any questions.

It is important to note that materials dropped off without prior arrangement will not be added to the collection.