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Computers and Software

Forty-nine lab-imaged computers provide access to the catalog and databases. Wireless internet access is also available within the library. The library's computers are equipped with network logins allowing Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students, faculty and staff access to University online resources.  See our Public Access Computer Use Policy.


The library has three copiers for public use; two black and white copiers and one color copier. Black and white copies are $0.10 each if using cash, or $0.05 each if using the EAGLEcard. Color copies are $0.50 each. The copiers also offer the ability to scan black and white documents to PDFs, which are then emailed to you (please see the Copiers Scan to Email page for instructions). The library also has microfilm and microfiche reader/printers. There is no charge to print from a microform reader/printer.


The library has five printers available for use from any of the public computers.  See Wireless Printing in the Library for help printing to the printers using your own device.


The copiers have the ability to scan documents to PDF which can be emailed to you. See the Copiers Scan to Email page for instructions.

Media Services (Daytona Beach)

Still and video cameras, including GoPro cameras, can be checked out to ERAU students, faculty and staff.

Laptop computers are available to ERAU faculty and staff.

The library offers media equipment to ERAU faculty and staff for classroom support.

The library also has media equipment for students in ERAU authorized clubs and organizations.

Computer Availability