Evaluating Sources

Course Description

The Hunt Library's Evaluating Sources is an online tutorial designed to familiarize you with the criteria used to determine the credibility and reliability of sources used in the research process.

Course Format

You must create an account to access the training. You do not have to be affiliated with the University to create an account and complete the training. The same account login should be used for the Library Basic Training module. The course is one module. If you cannot complete all of Evaluating Sources at once, logout. When you log back in, the course software will remember where you left off. A quiz will appear after you complete the module. Completing and passing the quiz is necessary to receive a certificate of completion. Once the quiz is complete, the certificate will appear on the screen, be emailed to you, and will be accessible the next time you login by clicking on the View Certificate button at the top right.

Course Technical Requirements

Evaluating Sources requires the following:

  • Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Safari or Chrome
  • Pop-ups enabled (required to view the course completion certificate)

Instructions for Faculty

The Evaluating Sources module was designed to provide students with a module which would reinforce the concepts of choosing credible and reliable sources. After completing the training, students will be emailed certificates of completion in PDF format. If you choose to make this required training for your students, students who have completed the course should be able to supply you with an electronic copy of their certificate of completion.

Questions and Comments

Please help us improve Evaluating Sources by sending any questions or comments you may have to the Research Librarians at library@erau.edu. You may also comment at the end of the quiz.