Miscellaneous Reports (AIR, etc.)

These reports are in PDF format. You must have the Adobe Reader on your machine to view the PDF documents. Click on the desired report to open. Some of these PDF documents were scanned from originals in extremely poor condition. Quality diminishes when printed.(Due to the large size some reports may be slow in opening or downloading.)


  • NTSB/AIR-14-01 - Auxiliary Power Unit Battery Fire Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8, JA829J
    • Boston, MA, January 17, 2013


  • SEA07FA277 - NTSB Factual Report
    • In flight encounter with weather (downdrafts), Bellanca-8KCAB, N240R, Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Sept. 3, 2007
    • NTSB Accident Brief


  • NYC99MA178 - NASDAC Brief Report
    • John F. Kennedy; Martha's Vineyard; July 16, 1999.


  • LAX98FA008 - NASDAC Brief Report
    • John Denver; in flight collision with terrain/water, Adrian Davis Long EZ, N555JD,
      Pacific Ocean near Pacific Grove, CA, Oct. 12, 1997.


  • NTSB/MR-1-0097-0092-47 - American Airlines and United Airlines; Bryce Canyon, Utah and Gallup, New Mexico; October 24, 1947 and November 11, 1947.
    • Thank you to the Center for Aerospace Safety Education (CASE) for compiling this information.