Reserves Policy


The purpose of the reserve collection is to make selected items available to students in support of a specific course for the duration of the semester. Reserve materials are library owned copies or personal copies of materials used as supplemental reading for some courses. Reserve materials for Daytona Beach courses are housed at the BORROW/Reserve Desk in the Access Services Department or on electronic reserve in order to maintain controlled access. Reserve materials for Embry-Riddle Worldwide courses are only available electronically.

Types of Reserve Materials

Reserve materials may be either library owned or personal copies of books, vertical files, pamphlets, or documents. Published articles from magazines, journals, and newspapers, as well as selections from books and anthologies, government and other non-copyrighted documents, and documents freely available on the Internet will be treated as electronic reserves. Other materials may be treated as electronic reserves at the discretion of library staff. All reserves for the Worldwide community will be posted electronically. Handouts, tests, test preparation materials, workbooks, exercises, course packets, and homework solutions are NOT appropriate for reserve status. Instructors may post these items through ERNIE.

Adding Materials for Reserve

Any instructor may place items on reserve by completely filling out the Library Reserves Request form which is available at the Hunt Library or online. Instructors must provide photocopies that include the original notice of copyright displayed on the work. The copyright compliance statement at the bottom of the form must be signed by the instructor before an item is placed on reserve. A maximum of three copies of any one title can be placed on reserve and no more than 25 different titles can be placed on reserve.

Processing of Print Reserve Materials

Instructors are asked to supply folders or binders for loose items in order to prevent damage and loss. Generally, items will be placed on reserve within 48 hours from time of receipt except during peak periods such as the beginning of the semester, when it may take up to one week for processing. Please note that personal items placed on print reserve will be labeled, barcoded, and sensitized in order to meet library system requirements.

Processing of Electronic Reserve Materials

Items for electronic reserves are scanned as password protected PDF files and linked from a citation page for a particular class. This citation page is then linked from Voyager. After posting the documents, the library notifies the faculty that the documents are ready and provides the reserve password and detailed instructions on how to access the materials. This process may take from two to seven days depending on demand.

All electronic reserve items will be removed after the last day of the semester. Copyright permission must be obtained to post electronic reserve items for subsequent terms. For more information on obtaining copyright permission please consult the "How to Obtain Copyright Permission for Your Reserves" brochure available as a PDF document in either full page or brochure format.

Removal of Reserve Materials

Instructors are responsible for updating and applying for copyright permission where necessary for the items on reserve in their name EACH semester. Instructors will be notified of the deadline for reviewing their reserve materials via email toward the end of each semester. Instructors can obtain a list of items on reserve under their name by performing a course reserve search in the Voyager Catalog or by requesting a list from the BORROW Desk in the Access Service Department. Print materials that are not used during the semester will be returned to the instructor or to the shelves due to non-use. The library cannot accept responsibility for replacing lost personal copies. Instructors will be notified when a personal copy becomes overdue or has been lost. Electronic reserve materials will be removed at the end of the semester and in most cases cannot be posted again without copyright permission.

Contact Us

For more information on reserves, please contact the Access Services Department at (386) 226-6592. For more information on the Hunt Library's reserve policy, contact Suzanne Sprague, Associate Director for Technical and Electronic Library Services, at (386) 226-6932.


The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or a reproduction for purposes in excess of “fair use,” that user may be liable for copyright infringement.