Lowering Textbook Costs

Textbook costs negatively impact student access, success, and completion. According to the Florida Virtual Campus's 2018 Student Textbook and Course Materials Survey, 64.2% of students didn't buy a required textbook, and 22.9% dropped a course because of textbook costs.

Want to help reduce textbook costs for your students? We can help!

Open and Affordable Options

Hunt Library supports textbook affordability by assisting faculty find open and affordable textbook options.

We can help you:

  • Find an open textbook to replace a current textbook
  • Find open and library resources to replace a current textbook
  • Select the right Textbook Alternative for you
  • Find resources to author an Open Textbook
  • Host open resources in Scholarly Commons
  • Answer questions about OER and open licensing

Are you already using an open textbook or textbook alternative? Let us know by filling out this short Open & Affordable Textbook Reporting Form.

How do I find OER?

To get started looking for OER, see our Open Educational Resources Guide. A librarian can also assist you over email, or in person with a one-on-one consultation.

Creating OER

Creating Open Educational Resources for others to reuse can increase your global impact and visibility as an instructor. Hunt Library can host your OER in Scholarly Commons, our institutional repository. We can also answer questions about creating, licensing, or hosting OER.