Faculty, staff, and students (with faculty or staff approval) may schedule the use of media equipment in classrooms by contacting the Access Services Department at least 24 hours prior to the time that the equipment is needed. Equipment will arrive prior to the start of a class and will be retrieved by library student assistants or staff as soon as possible after the end of the class period. Faculty or staff must contact Access Services if class ends early so equipment is not left unattended in classroom. Media services are available from the library's Borrow Desk.

With advanced notice, staff and faculty may send a student to pick up equipment or videos/DVDs from the library. Staff or faculty should call with the name of the authorized student they plan to send. The student must be currently enrolled and be in possession of a valid EagleCard. If equipment or videos/DVDs signed for by a student are lost or damaged, the department requesting the items is responsible for the payment or replacement of the items.

Audiovisual equipment may be borrowed for use at on-campus functions by: faculty, staff and officers of student organizations recognized by Student Activities. Requests for check out of equipment will be filled subject to availability. Equipment is not available for personal use. If equipment is stolen, lost or damaged, the borrower shall reimburse the library for repair or replacement costs.

Some classrooms on campus are outfitted with a variety of media equipment. This equipment is supplied and maintained by IT. If there is a problem with this equipment, please contact IT directly at 226-6990.

Media Equipment List


Copyright laws prohibit the recording or copying of library-owned videos or DVDs.

Library equipment may not be used to make copies of personally-owned videos, DVDs, or any other digital format.

Updated 12/11/2020.