Media Equipment for Students

Students in ERAU authorized Clubs, Organizations, and ROTC groups may check out selected media equipment from the library for a 24 hour period provided they have a signed Student Assistant Permission Confirmation Form on file with the Access Services Department. A valid EAGLEcard is required to check out all Media Services materials. Media Services operates from the BORROW Desk in the Access Services Department in Hunt Library.

Access Services staff uses the list of active Clubs/Organizations provided by Student Activities to verify information. Additionally, Access Services staff may call advisors or sponsors to confirm event authorization and may deny a request if authorization cannot be confirmed or if the safety of the equipment is perceived to be at risk. The equipment will not be booked until verification is complete.

The library staff reserves the right to restrict the amount of equipment requested.

Equipment needed for classroom use or University events take precedence over use by clubs or organizations.

Clubs will lose their borrowing privileges if equipment is mistreated or returned late.

Organizations such as Student Government may get authorization from Student Activities.

Student Assistant Permission Confirmation Form

The Student Assistant Permission Confirmation Form includes the following information:

  • The name of the club/organization and the name of the advisor/sponsor
  • The name(s) of the student/officer authorized to pick up the equipment (Up to three club officers may be authorized to pick up or return equipment each semester)
  • The signature of the club/organization sponsor or advisor*

*By signing the form, the advisor/sponsor takes responsibility for the equipment on behalf of the club or organization and verifies that the club or organization will reimburse the library for lost or damaged equipment.

This form must be filled out and signed by the current club sponsor or advisor each semester.

Once a signed authorization form is on file in the library for a specified group, only the advisor or authorized student(s) are allowed to check out any equipment. No other group member can be substituted unless prior arrangements have been made through the advisor. If there is an organizational change and another student needs to be authorized, the sponsor/advisor must call or fill out a new authorization form and submit it.

Check-out Information

  • Club sponsors or advisors may book equipment 24 hours in advance of need by calling the Access Services Department at 386-226-6592 or visiting the BORROW Desk in the library.
  • The equipment may be checked out for a 24 hour period for use at authorized events. Extensions may be granted on a case by case basis.
  • A valid EAGLEcard is required to check out all media materials.

Staff or faculty needing to make a booking for classroom use should call the Access Services Department at 386-226-6592 or fill out the Equipment Request Form or the Video Request Form.