New Ebooks and Online Materials

In addition to print resources, the Hunt Library purchases ebooks and other online materials that support the curriculum. Materials obtained within the last week are listed below in alphabetical order by title. Most of our online materials are restricted to current ERAU students, faculty, and staff with valid ERNIE credentials. 

Access to our entire collection of ebooks and other online materials is available through EAGLEsearch or through individual electronic resources on the Research Databases page.

Lists of recently purchased print materials and leisure books are also available.

Updated 1/17/2019 

Corporate finance : theory and practice 
By: Vernimmen, Pierre, 
Subject: Corporations Finance. - Business enterprises Finance.

Automatic millionaire, expanded and updated : a powerful one-step plan to live and finish rich 
By: Bach, David. 
Subject: Finance, Personal. - Financial security. - Business.

Guns of August 
By: Tuchman, Barbara W. (Barbara Wertheim), 1912-1989. 
Subject: World War, 1914-1918 Campaigns Western Front.

Martian : a novel 
By: Weir, Andy, 
Subject: Astronauts Fiction. - Survival Fiction.

Do androids dream of electric sheep? 
By: Dick, Philip K., 
Subject: Deckard, Rick (Fictitious character) Comic books, strips, etc. - Androids Comic books, strips, etc. - Bounty hunters Comic books, strips, etc. - City and town life Comic books, strips, etc. - Twenty-first century Comic books, strips, etc.

Fundamentals of assurance for Lean projects : an overview for auditors and project teams 
By: Wright, Christopher, 
Subject: Project management. - Lean manufacturing.

Doughnut economics : seven ways to think like a 21st century economist 
By: Raworth, Kate, 
Subject: Economics History. - Economics.

Uber : innovation in society 
By: Schneider, Henrique, 
Subject: Ridesharing.

Best practice in inventory management 
By: Wild, Antony, 
Subject: Inventory control.

Mathematical models for evacuation planning in urban areas 
By: Bretschneider, Sarah. 
Subject: Evacuation of civilians Mathematical models. - City planning Mathematical models. - Mathematical optimization. - Spatial analysis (Statistics) - Graph algorithms.

Next generation technology-enhanced assessment : global perspectives on occupational and workplace testing 
Subject: Ability Testing Technological innovations. - Employment tests. - Psychometrics.

Corporate finance : the basics 
By: Tse, Terence C. M., 
Subject: Corporations Finance.

HBR's 10 must reads : on mental toughness. 
Subject: Achievement motivation. - Performance Psychological aspects. - Resilience (Personality trait) - Leadership Psychological aspects.

Engineering documentation controlconfiguration management standards manual : policies, procedures, flow diagrams, forms and form instructions for pro 
By: Watts, Frank B., 
Subject: Communication of technical information. - Specification writing. - Manufacturing processes Documentation.

Integration of renewable sources of energy 
By: Farret, Felix A., 
Subject: Power resources. - Renewable energy sources.

Interpreting LISP : programming and data structures 
By: Knott, Gary D., 
Subject: LISP (Computer program language)

Advances in air sampling 
Subject: Pollution.

Environmental security in the anthropocene : assessing theory and practice 
By: Hardt, Judith Nora, 
Subject: Environmental policy International cooperation. - Environmental protection International cooperation. - Environmental risk assessment International cooperation.

Practical stress management : a comprehensive workbook 
By: Romas, John, 
Subject: Stress management. - Stress management Congresses.

Shift work : impacts, disorders and studies 
Subject: Shift systems Social aspects. - Night work Social aspects. - Night work Health aspects.

Radio wave propagation and parabolic equation modeling 
By: Apaydin, Gokhan, 
Subject: Radio wave propagation.

Human factor approach to managerial and organizational efficiency and effectiveness 
By: Adjibolosoo, Senyo, 
Subject: Organizational effectiveness. - Human capital.

Ethics of ability and enhancement 
By: Bulloch, Hannah C. M., 
Subject: Genetic engineering Moral and ethical aspects. - Bioengineering Moral and ethical aspects. - Ethnology Philippines Siquijor Island. - Poverty Philippines Siquijor Island. - Economic development Philippines Siquijor Island.

Space barons : Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the quest to colonize the cosmos 
By: Davenport, Christian, 
Subject: Space industrialization United States. - Industrialists United States Biography. - Aerospace engineers United States Biography. - Aerospace industries United States.

Hazardous materials monitoring and detection devices 
By: Hawley, Chris, 
Subject: Hazardous substances. - Air Pollution Measurement. - Air sampling apparatus. - Chemical detectors.

Intelligent Autonomy of UAVs : advanced missions and future use 
By: Bestaoui Sebbane, Yasmina, 
Subject: Drone aircraft. - Automatic pilot (Airplanes)

Positive psychology coaching in practice 
Subject: Positive psychology. - Personal coaching.

Helicopter flight dynamics : including a treatment of tiltrotor aircraft 
By: Padfield, G. D., 
Subject: Helicopters Handling characteristics. - Helicopters Aerodynamics. - Tilt rotor aircraft.

Social media for business : foolproof tips to help you promote your business or your brand 
By: Coles, Linda, 
Subject: Social media. - Internet marketing. - Business networks.

OCUP 2 certification guide : preparing for the OMG certified UML 2.5 professional 2 foundation exam 
By: Chonoles, Michael Jesse, 
Subject: Electronic data processing personnel. - Electronic data processing personnel Certification Examinations Study guides. - UML (Computer science) Examinations Study guides.

Introduction to human factors : applying psychology to design 
Subject: Human engineering Software.

Invest like a guru : how to generate higher returns at reduced risk with value investing 
By: Tian, Charlie, 
Subject: Investments. - Risk.

Fighter aircraft since 1945. 
By: Schw, Frank. 
Subject: Aircraft accidents.

Retirement life insurance : how much is needed to optimize retirement spending. 
By: Heller, Steve. 
Subject: Annuities. - Financial Planning. - Finanzplanung. - Insurance. - Pensionssumme. - Rente. - Retirement Planning. - Ruhestand. - Social Security. - Sozialversicherung.

Aviation resource management : proceedings of the Fourth Australian Aviation Psychology Symposium. 
By: Australian Aviation Psychology Symposium (4th), 
Subject: Aeronautics Human factors Congresses.

George Orwell's 1984 
By: Orwell, George, 
Subject: Totalitarianism Fiction.

Projects Without Boundaries : Successfully Leading Teams and Managing Projects in a Virtual World. 
By: Martinelli, Russ J. 
Subject: Project management.

Health economics 
By: Phelps, Charles E., 
Subject: Medical economics.

Innovation in pricing : contemporary theories and best practices 
Subject: Pricing. - Marketing Technological innovations.

Food biotechnology 
By: Bhatia, S. C., 
Subject: Food Biotechnology.

Marijuana politics : uncovering the troublesome history and social costs of criminalization 
By: Hardaway, Robert M., 1946- 
Subject: Marijuana Political aspects United States. - Marijuana Law and legislation United States. - Marijuana abuse United States. - Drug legalization United States.

Routledge international handbook of thinking and reasoning 
Subject: Thought and thinking. - Reasoning.

Reasoning : the neuroscience of how we think 
By: Krawczyk, Daniel, 
Subject: Reasoning (Psychology)

Living supply chain : the evolving imperative of operating in real time 
By: Handfield, Robert B., 
Subject: Industrial procurement Management. - Business logistics Management.

Casual revolution : reinventing video games and their players 
By: Juul, Jesper, 1970- 
Subject: Video games Psychological aspects. - Video gamers Psychology.

Shelley's Frankenstein 
By: Allen, Graham, 1963- 
Subject: Psychological fiction, English History and criticism.

Frankenstein 200 : the birth, life, and resurrection of Mary Shelley's monster 
By: Baumann, Rebecca, 
Subject: Library exhibits Indiana Bloomington.

Elon Musk : entrepreneur and innovator 
By: Ventura, Marne, 
Subject: Businesspeople Biography. - Businesspeople United States Biography Juvenile literature. - Businesspeople South Africa Biography Juvenile literature.

Elon Musk : engineer and inventor for the future 
By: Machajewski, Sarah, 
Subject: Inventors Biography Juvenile literature. - Businesspeople Biography Juvenile literature.

Economic psychology 
Subject: Economics Psychological aspects.

Engineering economics of alternative energy sources 
By: Denno, K., 
Subject: Renewable energy sources. - Renewable energy sources Economic aspects.

New critical thinking : an empirically informed introduction 
By: Lyons, Jack C., 
Subject: Critical thinking.

Moving Boxes by Air : The Economics of International Air Cargo. 
By: Morrell, Peter S. 
Subject: Aeronautics, Commercial-Freight.

Applied strength of materials 
By: Mott, Robert L., 
Subject: Strength of materials.

Benzene carcinogenicity 
Subject: Toxicology. - Oncology.

Answers for modern communicators : a guide to effective business communication 
By: Breakenridge, Deirdre, 
Subject: Communication in management. - Business communication.

Fly girls : how five daring women defied all odds and made aviation history 
By: O'Brien, Keith, 1973- 
Subject: Women air pilots United States Biography. - Air shows United States History.

America's addiction to automobiles : why cities need to kick the habit and how 
By: Frederick, Chad, 
Subject: Urban transportation United States. - Automobiles Social aspects United States. - Urban health United States. - Sustainable urban development United States.

Pop culture in Latin America and the Caribbean 
By: Nichols, Elizabeth Gackstetter, 
Subject: Popular culture Latin America. - Popular culture Caribbean Area.

New transnationalisms in contemporary Latin American cinemas 
By: Tierney, Dolores, 
Subject: Motion pictures Latin America. - Motion picture producers and directors Latin America. - Motion pictures and transnationalism Latin America.

Latin American science fiction : theory and practice 
Subject: Science fiction, Latin American History and criticism. - Latin American fiction 20th century History and criticism. - Literature and society Latin America History 20th century.

Companion to Latin American literature and culture 
Subject: Latin American literature History and criticism.

Penetration testing : a hands-on introduction to hacking 
By: Weidman, Georgia, 
Subject: Penetration testing (Computer security) - Hackers.

Structural health monitoring : a machine learning perspective 
By: Farrar, C. R. (Charles R.) 
Subject: Structural health monitoring.

Cyberterrorism : the legal and enforcement issues 
By: Tehrani, Pardis Moslemzadeh, 
Subject: Cyberterrorism Law and legislation. - Information warfare (International law) - Internet and terrorism.

Handbook of financial communication and investor relations 
Subject: Financial services industry Communication systems. - Corporations Investor relations. - Corporations Finance.

Geometry : the third book of foundations 
By: Serres, Michel, 
Subject: Geometry History. - Mathematics, Greek.

Simulators for transportation human factors : research and practice 
Subject: Automobile driving simulators. - Flight simulators. - Navigation Computer simulation. - Human engineering.

US agricultural and food policies : economic choices and consequences 
By: Toland, Gerald, 
Subject: Agriculture and state United States. - Agriculture Economic aspects United States.

Energy efficiency in air transportation 
By: Benito, Arturo, 
Subject: Aeronautics, Commercial Energy conservation. - Airplanes Fuel consumption. - Aeronautics, Commercial Environmental aspects.

Liars, leakers, and liberals : the case against the anti-Trump conspiracy 
By: Pirro, Jeanine, 
Subject: Truthfulness and falsehood Political aspects United States.

Grass roots : a history of cannabis in the American West 
By: Johnson, Nick (Nicholas Michael), 1989- 
Subject: Cannabis West (U.S.) History. - Marijuana West (U.S.) History.

From prognostics and health systems management to predictive maintenance. 
By: Chebel-Morello, Brigitte, 
Subject: Electronic systems Maintenance and repair. - Electronic systems Testing.

Prediction machines : the simple economics of artificial intelligence 
By: Agrawal, Ajay, 
Subject: Artificial intelligence Economic aspects. - Decision making Statistical methods. - Forecasting Statistical methods.

Additive manufacturing : materials, processes, quantifications and applications 
Subject: Three-dimensional printing. - Manufacturing processes Automation.

Environment and society : human perspectives on environmental issues 
By: Harper, Charles L., 
Subject: Human ecology. - Environmental policy. - Environmentalism.

Aircraft performance : an engineering approach 
By: Sadraey, Mohammad H., 
Subject: Aerodynamics. - Airplanes Performance.

Leadership strategies in the age of big data, algorithms, and analytics 
By: Paley, Norton, 
Subject: Strategic planning. - Leadership. - Management Statistical methods. - Big data.

Business analyst : careers in business analysis 
By: Reed, Adrian, 
Subject: Organizational effectiveness. - Business analysts. - Business planning.

Investment companies 2017. 
Subject: Mutual funds United States Accounting. - Mutual funds United States Auditing.

Value investing in Asia : the definitive guide to investing in Asia 
By: Lim, Stanley, 
Subject: Value investing Asia.

Utility of international economic sanctions 
Subject: Economic sanctions.

Implementing e-Navigation 
By: Hagen, John Erik, 
Subject: Navigation Data processing. - Electronics in navigation.

Air traffic management : economics, regulation and governance 
By: Arblaster, Margaret, 
Subject: Air traffic control.

Hybrid electric vehicles : principles and applications with practical perspectives 
By: Mi, Chris, 
Subject: Hybrid electric vehicles.

Colour fantastic : chromatic worlds of silent cinema 
Subject: Silent films History and criticism.

Handbook of statistical analysis and data mining applications 
By: Nisbet, Robert, 
Subject: Data mining Statistical methods.

Dual process theory 2.0 
Subject: Thought and thinking. - Cognition. - Psychology.

TIME cybersecurity : hacking, the dark web and you. 
Subject: Computer security. - Hacking Prevention.

Essentials of computer organization and architecture 
By: Null, Linda, 
Subject: Computer architecture. - Computer organization.

Leadership and change management : a cross-cultural perspective 
Subject: Leadership. - Organizational change. - Industrial management.

Phenomena : the secret history of the U.S. government's investigations into extrasensory perception and psychokinesis 
By: Jacobsen, Annie, 
Subject: Parapsychology Military aspects United States. - Military research United States History. - Extrasensory perception. - Psychokinesis. - Psychokinesis. - Extrasensory perception. - HISTORY / Military / United States. - BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Parapsychology / ESP (Clairvoyance, Precognition, Telepathy)

Road to serfdom 
By: Linden, David, 
Subject: Central planning. - Socialism.

Aerospace project management handbook 
Subject: Aerospace industries. - Aerospace engineering.

Organization development : a Jossey-Bass reader 
Subject: Organizational change.

Product training for the technical expert : the art of developing and delivering hands-on learning 
By: Bixby, Daniel W., 1972- 
Subject: Manual training. - Product demonstrations. - Occupational training.

Rise of big government : how egalitarianism conquered America 
By: Larson, Sven R., 1965- 
Subject: Equality United States.

Motivation and performance : a guide to motivating a diverse workforce 
By: MacRae, Ian, 
Subject: Employee motivation. - Diversity in the workplace. - Organizational change.

Corporate finance : theory and practice 
By: Vernimmen, Pierre, 
Subject: Corporations Finance. - Business enterprises Finance.

Transportation and the environment : assessments and sustainability 
Subject: Transportation Environmental aspects. - Environmental impact analysis.