New Ebooks and Online Materials

In addition to print resources, the Hunt Library purchases ebooks and other online materials that support the curriculum. Materials obtained within the last week are listed below in alphabetical order by title. Most of our online materials are restricted to current ERAU students, faculty, and staff with valid ERNIE credentials. 

Access to our entire collection of ebooks and other online materials is available through EAGLEsearch or through individual electronic resources on the Research Databases page.

Lists of recently purchased print materials and leisure books are also available.

Updated 2/14/2019 

Crew resource management 
Subject: Flight training. - Aeronautics Human factors.

Trainer's handbook 
By: Lawson, Karen. 
Subject: Employees Training of Handbooks, manuals, etc. - Training Handbooks, manuals, etc.

FAR-FC 2019 : Federal Aviation Regulations for Flight Crew. 
By: (ASA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)/Aviation Supplies & Academics. 
Subject: Aeronautics, Commercial Law and legislation United States.

Safety metrics : tools and techniques for measuring safety performance 
By: Janicak, Christopher A., 
Subject: Industrial safety Evaluation Statistical methods. - Industrial management Evaluation Statistical methods.

Embodiment in qualitative research 
By: Ellingson, Laura L., 
Subject: Qualitative research. - Critical theory. - Human body. - Mind and body.

Surveillance valley : the rise of the military-digital complex 
By: Levine, Yasha, 
Subject: Electronic surveillance United States. - Internet History. - Civil-military relations United States. - ARPANET (Computer network) History. - Privacy, Right of. - Subculture United States History. - Military research United States History. - Intelligence service United States History. - Internet Political aspects. - Domestic intelligence United States.

Introduction to composite materials design. 
By: Barbero, Ever J., 
Subject: Composite materials Mechanical properties. - Manufacturing processes.

Biofuels production and processing technology 
Subject: Biomass energy. - Chemical processes.

E-business and supply chain integration : strategies and case studies from industry 
Subject: Electronic commerce. - Business logistics.

Powerful : building a culture of freedom and responsibility 
By: McCord, Patty, 
Subject: Corporate culture. - Organizational change Management. - Teams in the workplace.

Hyperspectral remote sensing : fundamentals and practices 
By: Pu, Ruiliang, 
Subject: Remote sensing. - Hyperspectral imaging. - Geology Remote sensing.

Engineering management in a global environment : guidelines and procedures 
By: Atesmen, M. Kemal, 
Subject: Engineering Management. - International business enterprises Management.

Theory of planned behavior : new research 
Subject: Human behavior. - Attitude (Psychology) - Psychology Research.

Internet trap : how the digital economy builds monopolies and undermines democracy 
By: Hindman, Matthew Scott, 1976- 
Subject: Internet Economic aspects. - Information technology Economic aspects.

MATLAB essentials : a first course for engineers and scientists 
By: Bober, William, 1930- 
Subject: Engineering mathematics Data processing.

Advances in aerospace science and technology 
Subject: Aerospace engineering.

Machine learning algorithms : popular algorithms for data science and machine learning 
By: Bonaccorso, Giuseppe, 
Subject: Machine learning. - Artificial intelligence.

Reform of the Federal Reserve System in the early 1930s : the politics of money and banking 
By: Patrick, Sue Carol, 1954- 
Subject: Banks and banking United States History. - Banking law United States History. - Monetary policy United States History.

Blue ocean shift : beyond competing : proven steps to inspire confidence and seize new growth 
By: Kim, W. Chan, 
Subject: New products. - Market segmentation. - BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Entrepreneurship. - BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management. - BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Leadership.

Managing maritime safety 
Subject: Shipping Security measures. - Merchant marine Security measures. - Navigation Safety measures.

Evolution of cloud computing : how to plan for change 
By: Longbottom, Clive, 
Subject: Cloud computing.

Erasing institutional bias : how to create systemic change for organizational inclusion 
By: Jana, Tiffany, 
Subject: Discrimination in employment. - Personnel management. - Industrial relations.

Social media and crisis communication 
Subject: Communication in crisis management. - Social media United States.

History of human factors and ergonomics 
By: Meister, David, 
Subject: Human engineering History.

Introverted leader : building on your quiet strength 
By: Kahnweiler, Jennifer B., 
Subject: Leadership. - Introverts. - Interpersonal communication.

Leadership team coaching in practice : case studies on developing high-performing teams 
By: Hawkins, Peter, 1950- 
Subject: Teams in the workplace Management. - Leadership. - Employees Coaching of. - Executive coaching.