Requesting Book Delivery

Faculty and staff are welcome to have items they request from Storage using the Callslip service, or books requested via Interlibrary Loan (ILL), be delivered to their Daytona Beach campus office instead of picking it up from the library.

When a book is retrieved from Storage as the result of a Callslip request, or is received from another library to fill an ILL, an email is sent to the requesting patron advising them that the book is available at the library. Faculty and staff are given an option to reply to the email that they’d like to have the book delivered. The response should include a contact phone number, building name, and office number (i.e. COAS 202). The item is usually delivered the same day or within 24 hours. If no one is at the office to receive the item, it is returned to the library for the patron to pick up.