New Ebooks and Online Materials

In addition to print resources, the Hunt Library purchases ebooks and other online materials that support the curriculum. Materials obtained within the last week are listed below in alphabetical order by title. Most of our online materials are restricted to current ERAU students, faculty, and staff with valid ERNIE credentials. 

Access to our entire collection of ebooks and other online materials is available through EAGLEsearch or through individual electronic resources on the Research Databases page.

Lists of recently purchased print materials and leisure books are also available.

Updated 11/26/2018 

NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson 
By: Schwartz, Heather E., 
Subject: African American women mathematicians Biography Juvenile literature. - Mathematicians United States Biography Juvenile literature. - African American teachers Biography Juvenile literature.

North Korea and nuclear weapons : entering the new era of deterrence 
Subject: Nuclear weapons Korea (North) - Nuclear arms control Korea (North)

Business coaching & mentoring 
By: Marie, Taylor, 
Subject: Mentoring in business. - Executive coaching.

Happiness (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series). 
By: Review, Harvard Business. 
Subject: Work - Psychological aspects.

Purpose, meaning, and passion 
By: Harvard Business Review Press, 
Subject: Work Psychological aspects. - Job satisfaction. - Meaning (Psychology)

Empathy (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series). 
By: Review, Harvard Business. 
Subject: Management.

Influence and persuasion. 
Subject: Influence (Psychology) - Persuasion (Psychology) - Work Psychological aspects.

Dealing with difficult people. 
Subject: Conflict management. - Emotional intelligence. - Problem solving. - Work Psychological aspects. - Problem employees.

Leadership presence. 
Subject: Leadership. - Executive ability. - Emotional intelligence.

Resilience (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series). 
By: Review, Harvard Business. 
Subject: Resilience (Personality trait).

HBR's 10 Must Reads Boxed Set. 
Subject: Strategic planning. - Emotional intelligence. - Organizational change. - Leadership. - Management.

Flight instructor's survival guide : true, witty, insightful stories illustrating the fundamentals of instructing 
By: McMahon, Arlynn, 
Subject: Flight training Study and teaching United States. - Air pilots Training of Psychological aspects. - Air pilots Training of Case studies.

Droner's manual : a guide to the responsible operation of small unmanned aircraft 
By: Jenkins, Kevin, 
Subject: Drone aircraft Handbooks, manuals, etc. - Vehicles, Remotely piloted Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Practical guide to the CFI checkride 
By: Brightwell, Gregg, 
Subject: Flight training Examinations, questions, etc. Study guides. - Air pilots Licenses United States. - Teachers Training of. - Airplanes Piloting Examinations Study guides.

Visualized flight maneuvers handbook for low wing aircraft : for instructors and students. 
Subject: Airplanes Piloting Handbooks, manuals, etc. - Flight training.

Introduction to exercise science 
Subject: Exercise Textbooks. - Sports sciences Vocational guidance.

Code-breaker and mathematician Alan Turing 
By: Schwartz, Heather E., 
Subject: Gay men Great Britain Biography Juvenile literature. - Enigma cipher system Juvenile literature. - Mathematicians Great Britain Biography Juvenile literature.

Baseballliteratureculture : essays, 2004-2005 
Subject: American literature History and criticism. - Baseball in literature. - Baseball stories, American History and criticism. - Baseball United States.

Sum of small things : a theory of the aspirational class 
By: Currid-Halkett, Elizabeth, 1978- 
Subject: Leisure class. - Social classes. - Lifestyles.

Evidence-based management : how to use evidence to make better organizational decisions 
By: Barends, Eric, 
Subject: Industrial management. - Decision making.

Wall turbulence control 
By: Tardu, Sedat, 
Subject: Turbulence. - Skin friction (Aerodynamics)

Supply chain management 
By: Stark, Arlo, 
Subject: Physical distribution of goods Management Periodicals.

Effective people management : your guide to boosting performance, managing conflict and becoming a great leader in your start up 
By: Wellington, Pat, 
Subject: Personnel management. - Leadership. - Employee motivation.

Life in the age of drone warfare 
Subject: Drone aircraft. - Air warfare. - Drone aircraft pilots.

Sustainable mass transit : challenges and opportunities in urban public transportation 
By: Abdallah, Thomas, 
Subject: Urban transportation Environmental aspects. - Urban transportation Planning. - Sustainable urban development.

Project management best practices : achieving global excellence 
By: Kerzner, Harold, 
Subject: Project management Methodology. - Project management Case studies.

Analysis of Michael E. Porter's competitive strategy : techniques for analyzing industries and competitors 
By: Belton, Pádraig, 
Subject: Competition. - Market segmentation.

Veterans and active duty military psychotherapy homework planner 
By: Finley, James R., 1948- 
Subject: Military psychiatry United States. - Veteran reintegration.

Plug-in electric vehicle grid integration 
By: Bayram, İslam Şafak, 
Subject: Electric vehicles. - Battery charging stations (Electric vehicles)

Business opportunities in the Pacific alliance : the economic rise of Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico 
By: Spillan, John E., 
Subject: Business. - Globalization. - Markets. - International economic relations.

Reproductive and developmental toxicology 
Subject: Developmental toxicology.

Cyber wars : hacks that shocked the business world 
By: Arthur, Charles, 1961- 
Subject: Business enterprises Computer networks Security measures. - Internet Security measures. - Computer security.

Perfect mess : the unlikely ascendancy of American higher education 
By: Labaree, David F., 1947- 
Subject: Education, Higher United States History 19th century. - Education, Higher United States History 20th century.

Advances in luxury brand management 
Subject: Customer relations Management.

Fundamentals of rocket propulsion 
By: Mishra, D. P. (Aerospace engineer), 
Subject: Airplanes Rocket engines Textbooks. - Rocket engines Combustion Textbooks.

Collusion : how central bankers rigged the world 
By: Prins, Nomi, 
Subject: Banks and banking, Central. - Financial crises Effect of monetary policy on. - Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009.

Money machine : the surprisingly simple power of value investing 
By: Smith, Gary, 1945- 
Subject: Investments. - Value.

Investing for the long term : my experience as an investor 
By: Paramés, Francisco García, 1963- 
Subject: Value investing. - Stocks. - Capitalists and financiers Spain Biography.

Four day work week 
By: Grosse, Robert E., 
Subject: Four-day week. - Flextime.

Organic coatings : science and technology 
By: Jones, Frank N., 1936- 
Subject: Plastic coatings.

Political risk : how businesses and organizations can anticipate global insecurity 
By: Rice, Condoleezza, 1954- 
Subject: Risk management Political aspects.

C-130 Hercules : a history 
By: Bowman, Martin W., 
Subject: Hercules (Turboprop transports) History. - Hercules (Turboprop transports) - Airplanes, Military Markings.

CISO journey : life lessons and concepts to accelerate your professional development 
By: Fredriksen, Gene, 
Subject: Chief information officers. - Computer security. - Computer networks Security measures. - Data protection.

Grass roots : the rise and fall and rise of marijuana in America 
By: Dufton, Emily, 
Subject: Marijuana.

Business writing for dummies 
By: Canavor, Natalie, 
Subject: Business writing. - Business communication.

Physical activity and educational achievement : insights from exercise neuroscience 
Subject: Cognitive neuroscience. - Learning Physiological aspects. - Exercise Psychological aspects. - Cognition Effect of exercise on.

Hyperinflation : a world history 
By: He, Liping, 1958- 
Subject: Inflation (Finance) History.

Introduction to U.S. collective bargaining and labor relations 
By: Katz, Harry C. (Harry Charles), 1951- 
Subject: Collective bargaining. - Industrial relations. - Collective bargaining United States. - Industrial relations United States.

Marx, Lenin, and the science of revolution 
By: Eastman, Max, 
Subject: Socialism.

Human sciences after the decade of the brain 
Subject: Ethnology Africa, Central. - Ethnology Sudan.

Servant leadership and followership : examining the impact on workplace behavior 
Subject: Servant leadership.

Introduction to air transport economics : from theory to applications 
By: Vasigh, Bijan, 
Subject: Aeronautics and state United States. - Aeronautics, Commercial United States Finance. - Airlines Deregulation United States. - Airlines United States Cost of operation.

End of heaven : disaster and suffering in a scientific age 
By: Dekker, Sidney, 
Subject: Suffering. - Disasters.

Safety anarchist : relying on human expertise and innovation, reducing bureaucracy and compliance 
By: Dekker, Sidney, 
Subject: Industrial safety Management.

Business side of learning design and technologies 
By: Rooij, Shahron Williams van, 
Subject: Employees Training of. - Personnel management.

Strategic Alliance Management 
By: Tjemkes, Brian, 1973- 
Subject: Strategic alliances (Business)

Analysis of Nassim Nicholas Taleb's : The black swan : the impact of the highly improbable 
By: Lybeck, Eric, 
Subject: Uncertainty (Information theory) Social aspects.